Screen Porch & Sunroom Additions

Sunrooms are a relatively simple yet versatile addition appropriate for many different types of homes. They let you enjoy the things you love about the outdoors (like breeze and sunlight) without the things you’d rather not be exposed to (like bugs and rain).

Did you know that a sunroom addition can also serve as an investment? If you’re thinking about selling your home someday, industry experts estimate that a sunroom can bring a 60 to 80% ROI, and they’re a major “curb appeal” driver of interest.

Let the experienced home improvement contractors at Eagle Building Solutions build the sunroom addition you’ve always wanted.

Types of Sunroom Installations

There are a variety of different types of sunroom installations you can add to your home. It’s also possible to convert an existing patio or porch to a sunroom. Whatever option you choose, you’ll enjoy a sunroom of the highest possible quality, made by industry leaders using the finest possible building materials. We pride ourselves on always finishing our projects on time and within the budget that you set.

Please have a look at these brief descriptions of models and design types to help you decide on the style of your new sunroom.

three season room

Screened Porch Additions

If you already have a covered porch or patio, it can be converted to a screened porch addition room through the use of full-length screens stretching all the way from the ceiling to the floor. This can usually be done without the removal of any of your existing structure and is an effective and economical way to enjoy natural light and air while still being surrounded by a screen enclosure keeping out insects.

3 Seasons Room

As the name indicates, this type of sunroom is meant to be used in all seasons except for winter. 3 season rooms have glass panels and are insulated well enough that they can be heated to a comfortable temperature on cool fall nights, but will not be able to keep pace with the frigid temperatures from December to March. There will also need to be a thick well-insulated door between the sunroom and the rest of the home. If you only expect to make use of the room during the more temperate months, however, they are an economical alternative to a four-season room.

Four Seasons Room

Four season rooms are functionally similar to three-season rooms, but with the addition of further insulation so that they can be heated to a comfortable temperature during the winter months. It will also be easier to cool them down with air conditioning during hot summer days. A 4 season sunroom adds extra insulation to the walls, floor, and roof as well as thicker and more energy-efficient glass panels. With this model, you can also opt for no door (or just a simple patio door) between the sunroom and the rest of the residence.

4 season rooms lancaster pa

Enjoy Your Sunroom Installations

Whether it’s time to expand your home or just to enjoy the seasons, we can create the perfect sunroom addition to complement your home. Take advantage of Eagle Building Solutions’ 50 years of experience in home construction; we’ll design and implement the best possible sunroom for your desires and budget. For more information, please contact us at (717) 627-6886 today for a free estimate.