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Breathe new life into your home in Lancaster, Reading, or York, PA, with premium-quality vinyl siding from Eagle Building Solutions. First becoming popular in the 1950s, vinyl is the most common home siding material used in the United States today. It’s a type of siding that’s not only easy for our home improvement contractors to work with. It’s also an exterior covering that can offer many immediate and long-term benefits.

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Advantages of Mastic Vinyl Siding Installation

Available in literally hundreds of colors and patterns, vertical vinyl is appealing because it’s a material that realistically mimics other styles like natural wood. If you’re like most homeowners in the Lancaster, PA, area, you’ll also appreciate being able to simply wipe off or hose down your siding when it needs to be refreshed. Additionally, vinyl installed by our experienced siding contractors can be a smart siding choice for the following reasons:

  • Vinyl is affordable : Vinyl is considered one of the most affordable choices you can make with siding. It’s also a material that adds value in other ways, such as improved curb appeal and an increase in overall home value.
  • It’s highly durable : Vinyl siding is well-known for being able to withstand exposure to the elements. It’s also resistant to mold, mildew, corrosion, and moisture. With proper care, this type of siding can last for many years.
  • Vinyl retains its color well: Vinyl’s color isn’t just skin deep. The shade that’s on the outside continues through the material. Quality vinyl is also likely to retain its original shade for many years.
  • There’s no need to worry about regular painting : Thanks to the way vinyl is made, you won’t have to go through the process of repainting it every year or every other year.
  • Vinyl can be highly efficient when it’s insulated : Insulation provides a noticeable boost to vinyl siding’s R-value, which can mean an increase in energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

Vertical Vinyl Siding You Can Rely On

house currently getting gray vinyl siding installed

Expect our home improvement contractors to handle all details of your siding installation project. If you have existing vinyl that’s being replaced, our siding contractors will properly remove it and dispose of it safely. With new vinyl siding installation, careful measurements will be taken and your underlying surfaces will be thoroughly inspected. Your preferred vinyl materials will then be installed.

In some cases, there are existing materials that may be able to stay on your home’s exterior if they’re still in good shape. However, the most efficient installation job when it comes to getting your money’s worth is one that involves getting back to sheathing and applying new underlying materials before installing the vinyl.

Since we’ll bring everything that’s needed to complete the installation process, you won’t have to deal with finding the right equipment, supplies, and tools. Our knowledgeable crew will come prepared with all the essential materials and equipment. Your new siding will also be sufficiently cut to allow for seasonal expansion due to temperature changes to prevent buckling.

When all work is done, your new exterior vinyl siding will be inspected to ensure nothing was overlooked. If you need extra airflow, perforated soffits with gable vents can be added to maintain an even temperature in your attic. Lastly, your property will be left neat and clean before our courteous contractors leave.

We install, repair, and replace Mastic siding. Vinyl products from this well-respected manufacturer are perfectly and precisely color-coordinated to work well together. Mastic offers both standard and insulated vinyl. Your new Mastic Siding can be complemented with fascia and soffit from the same manufacturer. We also install high-quality vinyl products from ProVia. This is a trusted brand known for offering siding solutions that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home in York, PA, and the nearby communities we serve.

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End your search for siding companies and contact the experts at Eagle Building Solutions and you’ll definitely be pleased with the results. We’ve been keeping homeowners in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and Reading, PA, as well as other local communities happy for several decades with reasonable rates, top-notch products, and attention to every detail. We’re equally committed to creating a positive experience for any property owner coming to us for vinyl installation, replacement, and repair.

Trust the siding contractors from Eagle Building Solutions to efficiently and affordably complete your vinyl siding installation project. See for yourself why we’ve earned a reputation as one of the leading siding companies serving homeowners in Lancaster, Reading, York, and surrounding Pennsylvania communities.

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