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Do you know someone who might benefit from qualified basement remodeling assistance? The contractors at Eagle Building Solutions can help transform unfinished or outdated basements into attractive, useful contemporary living spaces!

Today, households can enjoy stylish accommodations in the lower levels of a residence. Enhancing your home by finishing a basement sometimes significantly boosts property values, too.

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Reliable Basement Finishers In Lititz, PA

Eagle Building Solutions offers basement renovations throughout Lancaster, Lebanon, York, and Harrisburg Counties. Based in Lititz, Pennsylvania, just a short distance from Lancaster, we’ve gained expertise in this complex home improvement field.

As experienced basement contractors, we assist our clients during every phase of a project. Let us know about your proposed remodeling goals as soon as possible. We can undertake a variety of basement home improvements.

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A Multitude Of Uses For Your Basement Renovation

During former eras, households in Pennsylvania sometimes allowed basements to remain unfinished. Both the difficulty of creating dry, well-illuminated finished rooms in subterranean areas of a building and steep construction costs could make finishing a basement impractical.

Today, basement contractors have learned innovative ways to help create appealing living spaces in the lower levels of a home. Consider just a few of the exciting projects we help homeowners accomplish:

  • Finished basement that includes a game room, movie theater, hobby room, or den
  • Add basement-level bathrooms and bedrooms to expand your residence
  • Install a complete lower-level efficiency apartment or separate “mother-in-law” quarters
  • Use the basement for a home office or business
  • Improve basement steps to permit easier access to lower levels of the residence
  • Renovate a basement to create extra storage or pantry space
  • Add natural light to this part of the home through the installation of basement window wells, and more!

Our Basement Remodeling Process

We strive to offer aesthetically pleasing, practical answers to common dilemmas facing homeowners seeking qualified basement remodeling contractor assistance. Although basement finishing may appear straightforward at first glance, renovations in this part of a residence do require a thorough knowledge of construction.  Four illustrations demonstrate the highly specialized nature of this type of building project:


Basements typically are completely underground; renovators must exercise caution to avoid inadvertently damaging the home’s foundation and structure during their work.


This type of project frequently needs to address plumbing and water drainage issues. You don’t want to spend money on basement finishing without first resolving dampness or water leaking issues, for instance.


Today local building codes may require the installation of basement window wells for bedrooms located in basements. This process usually requires excavation and careful planning.


Determining whether or not a homeowner can safely install a separate outside basement entrance requires construction expertise. Let experienced contractors like the ones found here at Eagle Building Solutions assist you with this issue.

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Eagle Building Solutions offers skilled basement construction capabilities and expertise. Ask us to help you transform your basement. We assist homeowners with a wide variety of basement finishing and remodeling projects.

Whether you simply wish to finish a previously framed basement attractively, or you need assistance installing basement window wells, stairs, doorways, or other features, we possess a wealth of useful experience in this field. When you contact us, let us know your dreams for your residential basement. We’ll provide valuable assistance in helping you achieve your design goals!

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