Top 10 Home Remodeling Trends for 2017

Looking for some terrific remodeling ideas for your home? How about a new home addition for additional square footage? Why not a nice open kitchen for easy entertaining and seamless flow? There are dozens of home remodeling jobs just begging to be tackled, but here’s a look at 10 of the top remodeling trends for… Read More »

Replacing Your Roof Is Not Enough…Don’t Forget Gutters & Downspouts

An Essential Home Improvement Many homeowners in the United States every year find themselves compelled to replace a badly damaged or heavily worn residential roof. This essential home system protects the interior from water damage while providing an attractive exterior design element. Today many high-quality roofs also offer valuable insulation assistance, ultimately helping to keep… Read More »

Designing Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

No matter what part of the country you live in, having an outdoor space to entertain and relax is critical. Climate, sunlight exposure, wildlife, and wind considerations can all impact whether or not your space is consistently usable. Climate Do you have harsh or mild winters? If your winters are brief, you can use your… Read More »

7 Top Things to Know When Finishing a Basement

Finishing out your basement is a wonderful way to add much-needed square footage to your home and to dramatically increase property value at the same time. You can use the extra space from your home addition for everything from additional bedrooms and bathrooms to more living space, a home office, a home fitness room, game… Read More »

Why Fiber Cement Siding Is Superior to Other Sidings

There are many types of siding to choose from when remodeling or building a home, but some are better than others and more expensive doesn’t always mean better quality. What works on some houses may not work on others and there are the aesthetics and personal preference to consider. Other things to consider are durability… Read More »

Top 5 Warning Signs You Need Replacement Windows

Windows: An Important Design Element Beautiful windows remain one of the most noticeable features in your home. These vital structures help fill a home with natural light, creating an open, welcoming atmosphere. They also perform important roles in keeping your home well-insulated and free from drafts and winter dampness. When you seek fashionable windows in… Read More »

6 Ways to Beat the Heat on Your Deck or Patio

Did you know that your concrete patio or deck provides the perfect retreat to remain refreshingly cool and comfortable this summer? These enticing outdoor locations provide ideal spots to relax and savor the beauty of nature even during the hottest, most searing days. Just consider employing a few of these creative yet practical ideas to… Read More »

What Is the Best Deck Material? Wood vs. Composite vs. Polymer

Nothing puts a finishing touch on your home like a deck. It’s the perfect place for you to gather with your family or entertaining guests. In addition, adding a deck can increase the value of your home. At Eagle Building Solutions, we understand this and give every decking project our all. Before we begin work… Read More »

How to Determine What Are the Best Replacement Windows for Your Home

Of the many home improvements that you could do to make your house a more attractive home, replacing your windows is one that will make a huge impact. Replacement windows offer an important benefit over new construction windows. Installing new construction windows involves new interior woodwork and repainting the surrounding wall. On the other hand,… Read More »